F L U X U S    C O L L E C T I V E    •     E X C E R P T S 

The theoretical Fluxus Collective informs the history of the group. Fluxus performances have been a shared culture of realizations of the event scores, interchanged by artists. In that sense, the scores are embedded with ambiguities, free from rigor of exactitude but subject to certain restrictions and judgements.

Characterized by variations, re-arrangement and sometimes mentorship by the artists originating the score, a select group of pieces have become cherished and familiar “classic” works. Analogous to compositions by musical composers, the execution of the score is often reflective of site, technical means, and performers’ sensibilities.

The results, after over decades of repetitions and innovations, show an “ever-expanding universe of events” to quote Robert Watts from his statement about Yam Festival in 1963.

Disappearing Music for Face, by Mieko Shiomi, 1964. Performed at The Kitchen Concert, 1979. From left: Alison Knowles, Dick Higgins, Philip Corner, Larry Miller, Geoff Hendricks, Yasunao Tone, Peter Frank, Peter van Riper, Robert Watts, Yoshi Wada, and Ken Friedman.
Do It Yourself Fluxus at Art Interactive, 2003-2004, Cambridge, MA. Organized by Larry Miller and Midori Yoshimoto.
Flux Tours Organized by George Maciunas, flyer listing the schedule

Fluxus Festival Miami, Subtropics 19 •  2007

Concerto for Solo Piano and Performer, by Albert Fine, 1966. Performed by Larry Miller and Alison Knowles, part of Fluxus Festival Miami, Subtropics 19, 2007.

Alison Knowles performing at Fluxus Concert Miami, part of Subtropics 19 Fluxus Festival, 2007. Photo © Manuel Rodriguez

OFF LIMITS: Rutgers University and the Avant-Garde
at The Newark Museum

Opening Performance of Works by George Brecht and Robert Watts

Piano Piece by George Brecht (1962), performed in opening concert of works by George Brecht and Robert Watts, for exhibition Off Limits, Rutgers University and the Avant Garde, at Newark Museum, NJ, 1999.
Ben Vautier and Larry Miller, performing at Walker Art Center, 1993, Opening Events for “In The Spirit of Fluxus”
Photo courtesy Walker Art Center