A R T I S T    V I D E O S

Videotapes are available for screenings, exhibitions, and special study purposes.
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George Maciunas

Video interviews originated with the celebrated Interview with George Maciunas, shot in 1978 on Sony Porta-pak equipment, a conversation between Miller and Maciunas that addresses the genealogy of Fluxus by an examination of Maciunas’s famous chart The Diagram of Historical Development of Fluxus and Other 4 Dimentional, Aural, Optic, Olfactory, Epithelial, and Tactile Art Forms. Published and translated into many languages, it became a seminal text for scholars and was screened in numerous exhibitions. After that, primary artists associated with Fluxus were interviewed and discussed extensive foundational concepts of the avant-garde.

Flux Concert at The Neuberger Museum

To punctuate the Fluxus exhibition at Neuberger Museum in 1983, Larry Miller organized a concert presenting classic Fluxus works. Performers include: Alison Knowles, Dick Higgins, Jean Dupuy, Yasunao Tone, Ay-O, Christian Xatrec, Larry Miller, Robert Watts, along with students of the arts and theatre departments. When Dupuy’s “Achoo, Achoo” reprised a historic Futurist piece, mounds of ground black pepper were sprayed from a reversed vacuum cleaner, the audience nearly departed. Other innovative pieces included Watts’s adaptations of Trace for Canon, Trace for Orchestra, and “Wounded Furniture” by Alison Knowles. The original video footage from the two camera shoot is retained on 11 cassettes of 3/4 in. BetaCam tape; it has been migrated to VHS  format. Excerpts from this concert are included in Miller’s 1 hour compendium tape “Some Fluxus”  [see below for info]

Conversations with Artists

Video conversations/interviews with artists associated with Fluxus, dating from 1980 onwards. Among many, tapes include Al Hansen,  Mary Bauermeister, Willem deRidder, Eric Andersen, Nam June Paik, Takako Saito and others. Examples,  from top:

Dick Higgins
Carolee Schneemann
Alison Knowles
Emmett Williams
Joe Jones

Fluxus and Related Performances and Events

Video tape documentation and photographs of numerous events include:

  • The Kitchen Flux-Concert, 1979
  • Flux Harpsichord Concert, Berlin, 1976
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art (Opening/Closing Festivities for tour of In The Spirit of Fluxus exhibition 1992-1993)
  • Bonn, Germany (Alison Knowles, Dick Higgins)
  • Motor Vehicle Sundown Event: Santa Barbara, Cologne, Tinguely Museum, Newark Museum
  • Fluxus Ala Carte, Judson Church, NYC
  • Flux Concerts at Lafayette College, Easton, PA
  • Paris Ecole des Beaux Arts, featuring Charloote Moorman, Yoko Ono, Al Hansen, and others
  • Flux Lux: The Last Event of Robert Watts, 1988 in Martin’s Creek, PA.
    ….. and many other events

Video interviews revise and challenge the known and unknown history.