R E C O M B I N A N T   M E M E S

RECOMBINANT MEMES is a series of works that Miller considers action-related expansions to modified ready-mades. In this case, great masterpieces of art history exist in museum shops, as facsimile postcards that have become symbols/artifacts of our shared, cherished culture. By enacting an adaptation from one of his earliest Fluxus scores (Chewed Drawing) onto the printed cards, Miller has mixed his DNA into the metaphorical object.
Additional subjects include works by Manzoni, Frida Kahlo, Franz Klein, Roy Lichtenstein, Meret Oppenheim, Man Ray and more.

Recombinant Memes: Chewed Hokusai Wave.
Color printed postcard 6×4 inches. From series Chewed Masterpieces.

Examples from the series are in several private collections. Limited editions are in the artist’s studio. Inquiries are welcome.

    CONTACT FOR INQUIRIES: LMSSarchive@gmail.com